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  1. Launch HLSW and select your game server or type in the adress of your game server into the "IP/Port"-field.
  2. Now click on the the blue underlined server name in the "Server Details" field. You will be redirected to the specific game server subpage on
  3. On the game server subpage there is a box with the server details. Go to the row "Owner" and click on "You Are The Owner?".
  4. At the top of the box a message will appear, which forces you to add "hlsw-YOURID" to the hostname of your gameserver. "YOURID" is the number of your account.
  5. Add the forced text to the hostname of your game server. You can do this at the homepage of your game server provider.
  6. Keep the altered hostname until the next update of your server details on the server subpage.


Link to game server subpage

Request ownership

Add to hostname