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General Information

The hlsw buddy list system was developed to give hlsw users an easy way to let their friends know, if they are online and playing on a gameserver, and the possibility to join these server or just add them to their own buddylist.

The new buddylist system with direct in-hlsw buddylist options is available for testing purposes since HLSW Version v1.1.1 again.

The new buddylist system is fully new programmed, so if you have used the old buddylist with the older versions of hlsw, you will have to create a new account, because the old system is not working anymore.

How to Setup the Buddy List / Create an Account

At the start of HLSW klick on the blue Register text at the left bottom of the login window, or directly go to the registration page.
On the page you just have to enter a valid email address and hit the Request key button.
The system will generate an verification key which wil be send to the entered email address.
Now enter this key with your email address on the Key Verification page.
If the inserted data are correct, the account information page will be opened, where you have to enter some nessecary informations.
Remember the password you enter at the password field, because this is the password you will need to login into the buddylist in hlsw. After comfirming the informations, the buddylist account is created and activated and can be used directly at HLSW.

Login Window

Email: Here you have to enter the email adress, which the account is registered on, to login to this account.
Password Here you have to enter the password, which you have received with the key verification email.
Auto Login on startup With this option it is possible to shortcut the login process if your the only hlsw user on this computer or all users are using the same account. With this option activated, the login window will be complettly skipped, if the Save Password option is activated, so after a short settings load, hlsw will display the server list and you will be automatically logged in into the buddylist.
Save Password If this option is activated, hlsw saves the last used password so you don't have to enter it anytime you start hlsw and want to login to your account.

Buddy List Section

The buddy list section in hlsw can be displayed with View -> Buddy list, or directly with the Crtl+B keyboard shortcut.

buddy display

In this section in the main window you can see all your buddies listed.

Name shows the buddies Nickname
Status shows the buddies HLSW Status
Offline This State will be shown, if the user has no hlsw working or if he is in offline mode.
HLSW This State will be shown, if the user has been logged in to HLSW with his buddy list account.
Ingame(<gamename>) This State will be shown, if the user is playing a game. The played game will be shown between the brackets then. The server, which the buddy is playing on, can be easily added to your own serverlist be using the 'Watch Server' command from the context menu.
Away msg shows the buddies Away message.

Context Menu

Within this menu all possible buddylist systems settings can be made.

Search Opens a new window to search for buddies and add them to your buddy list.
Set Away msg Here you can set your away messages, which will be visible to all your buddies.
Delete This entry deletes the chosen buddy from the buddylist.
Send Message This entry opens up an simple chat window to the chosen buddy.
Watch Server Adds the server, which the chosen buddy is playing on, to the current hlsw serverlist.
Name copies the buddy's name to the clipboard
Addr copies the server ip to the clipboard
Away Text copies the the buddy's away message to the clipboard
hide offline buddies hides all offline buddies from the buddy list, for a chunkier buddy list
Refresh updates the stats of all buddies in your buddy list